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Paul Freebody CEOAdventure Waters Update – September 2017

Adventure Waters Water Park Update Sept 2017

Message from Paul,

Firstly, thank you to the many that have asked for an update on the Park. We prefer to fly under the radar these days after years of delays and last years disappointment, however,  I fully understand people wanting to know when the Park will start construction again.


Before last year’s events , we had worked to achieve a strong following of sophisticated investors from Australia and Overseas on the project and we have started engaging with these parties again. The appetite seems very strong for the project.

We start our Sophisticated Road show on October 9th for the Australian leg and finishing in Singapore, Hong Kong and China the week of the 27th of October 2017 we will form our the consortium to construct the Park from current investors and new investors.

There are many things under way behind the scenes in which I cannot share at this point. However, more updates will be forth coming at the appropriate time.

I sign off by stating my drive; commitment and determination to the project has not wavered one bit, in fact, quite the opposite.

My Regards,


Message from CEO: Paul Freebody  March 2017

We are currently working towards our operational works permit from Cairns Regional Council.

While this preparation work has been ongoing, I have spent the last three months upgrading and updating our very detailed information pack for our investors/lenders.

It has been unfortunate the delay incurred over the past eight months while not of our doing it did give the unique opportunity for me to refocus on what we need in a JV partner to deliver the project to Cairns in a way that meets expectations.

Our team is acutely aware of the high bar I set in my core requirements as we move forward talking about quality long-term partner/s for the project.

Experience has taught us that finding the right partners is paramount.

We are entered into negotiations with a range of interested parties. We will have more to say on this in the New Year.

Over the last three months, a new direction has been implemented about design including ride combinations in which allows us to create special zones such as ‘white knuckle’ (Teenage demographic), Family Raft rides for the entire family and two age related kids zones.  The food and beverage outlets have been redesigned to bring us in line with best practice from around the world. This work was all underway-early last year and reflects both the community and the investment markets expectations.

The new world model of water parks are no longer just water parks to escape the heat of the day, albeit this is the main pillar of any planning process, water parks are now entertaining modern precincts. Which within themselves reflect a range of new exciting attractions, entertainment areas and current food offerings, like qualified barista coffee stations, a choice of different food culture offering and corporate facilities.

All these divisions interlock and work together to make up a successful new era Water Park.

The recently completed revised Adventure Waters feasibility study reflects all these new modern and integrated entertainment areas, which include food, park design, rides, attractions, entertainment and unique beverage offerings.

I will endeavour to keep the community updated while ensuring to maintain our commercial in confidence discussions.

Paul Freebody