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Paul Freebody CEOAdventure Waters Update – September 2020

Adventure Waters Water Park Update Sept 2020

Message from Paul,

Firstly, thank you to the many that have asked for an update on the Park. We prefer to fly under the radar these days after years of delays and  disappointment, however,  I fully understand people wanting to know when the Park will start construction again.


I am currently needing to rebuild our website as we lost our entire 2019/2020 backups.

So it will take a number of weeks to achieve this goal. I will then do a further update on the progress of the Park.


Amazing Rides & Attractions

Samples of exciting new rides & attractions under consideration…

Our website is currently being updated and will reflect the new attractions under consideration – please check back….as from time to time we will release the latest updates. (Whilst complying with our¬† commercial in confidence obligations)